but you can call me clara


writing an earlier date on your paper to look like a better student


Deep Breath - Earth, Victorian England

Into the Dalek - Earth, present day England & spaceship in the future

Robot of Sherwood - Earth, 1190 England

Listen - Earth, present and past England & Gallifrey

Time Heist - distant planet, future

The Caretaker - Earth, present day England

Kill the Moon - Earth/earth’s moon, near future

Mummy on the Orient Express - future, space

Flatline - Earth, present day England

In the Forest of the Night - Earth, present day England

Dark Water - Earth, present day England

Death in Heaven - Earth, present day England

That’s an awful lot of earth, England, and present day. I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out to me. But, I realize this is mainly because we’re witnessing Clara trying to balance out her two lives. 

favourite stan lee cameos


Good Morning Mojave.

Oh, it’s the Tardis. It’s my home. At least, it has been for a considerable number of years.”


So my mom got a new tattoo today


Nutella swirl banana bread


You’re allowed to be sad, but please don’t think that nobody loves you.


I was ALL about this episode


Today is Colin Baker appreciation day. Yesterday was also Colin Baker appreciation day. So is tomorrow. Everyday is Colin Baker appreciation day. Please wear your finest crocs in celebration.


The Doctor does not approve of this.


this also applies to toxic jobs